Online petition: 2.2 million signatories against Brexit


Opponents of Brexit presented petitions to more than two million signatories against Britain's exit from the EU. Parliament will have to deal with it – 100,000 supporters would be enough.

Many Britons now seem tired of the turmoil on leaving the EU. More than two million people have signed an online petition in the House of Commons asking them to simply cancel the Brexit and stay in the European Union.

Sometimes, the website apparently was not accessible due to the attack.

The "will of the people"

"The government continues to argue that leaving the EU is the" will of the people, "reads the text of the petition. This must be ended by clarifying the strength of public support to stay.

Parliament must consider the content of each petition with over 100,000 signatures for the debate.

The exit from Brexit is unlikely

The United Kingdom can theoretically unilaterally withdraw the declaration of exit from the EU. The street was confirmed by the European Court of Justice in a ruling in December. The country would remain as a member of the EU as before. An additional question would not be excluded. However, it is considered extremely unlikely to happen.

In the referendum on the exit of the EU in 2016, 17.4 million British citizens voted in favor of Brexit. A total of 33.6 million people voted. Hardly a British politician wants to ignore the previous majority vote, without at least holding a second referendum.

The country should leave the EU on March 29th. However, London has requested an extension of the withdrawal period in Brussels, which heads of state and government are discussing at the EU summit in Brussels.



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