Online Taxi Drivers in Medan Kidnap Female Passengers, Here’s the Motive

MEDAN, -Satreskrim personnel Medan Police Station and the Patumbak Police Criminal Investigation Unit managed to arrest an online taxi driver who was desperate to kidnap his female passenger. The action was carried out by the perpetrators because they wanted to control the victim’s cellphone, named Grace.

Deputy Chief of Police for Medan AKBP Irsan Sinuhaji said the suspect arrested by officers had the initials NLT. The suspect was not arrested after receiving a report from the victim who claimed to be a victim kidnapping and persecution.

Irsan Sinuhaji said that the perpetrator’s motive was robbery. The perpetrator is known to have only worked as an online taxi driver for the past month. The perpetrator uses one application, but when working, the car plate number is different from the one registered.

“If the identity of the application matches. But for different vehicles. So the victim is picked up from the pick-up location and wants to go to one of the malls in Medan City,” he said.

Arriving at Jalan Multatuli, the perpetrator immediately took the victim’s belongings and took his cellphone and asked for an ATM with his pin.

“The victim was robbed in the car, his belongings were taken. Then the victim was tied and placed in the back of the car and then taken to Patumbak,” he said.

Editor: Stepanus Purba

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