Only 23-year-old Greta has already become one of the most sought-after photographers in Lithuania – she says that she didn’t even have to participate in the struggle for existence

Before your eyes – the latest show of “Successful under 30”. This time Delphi interviews Greta Kuliušaitė, one of the most famous Lithuanian photographers.

The guest of this show, G. Kuliušaitė, says that the camera caught her attention at a very early age. Without stopping taking pictures, today Greta is one of the most sought-after photographers in Lithuania.

However, the girl does not hide it – on the way to popularity there was everything: both angry comments and health problems, which were determined by nothing else, but work both days and nights.

In this interview, Greta told what caused her enormous popularity, what she can guarantee her clients during a photo session, and why she decided to make an unexpected turn in her career.

The show was created and hosted by Julija Leimonė.

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