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Only 300 recovered from the COVID-19 have donated plasma; these are the requirements | News of The Savior

The therapy helps those suffering from the disease to improve their recovery and not needing oxygen or mechanical ventilation.

With more than three months circulation of the virus of SARS-CoV-2, which produces the COVID-19, and a figure of 5,517 cases confirmed by the disease (2,094 active cases and 133 deaths in the country), and in the absence of a drug and vaccine to decrease the risk of death, the search and requests of donors of plasma from patients recovered flood the social networks.

Due to the low collection of the serum to the high demand of infected and patients recovered amounting to 3,293, a figure that exceeds the active cases, only an approximate of 300 people have donated their plasma, which contains antibodies to fight the virus.

VIDEO: The plasma is the only proven remedy against the COVID -19, five questions that you need to know

“There are already more than 300 people. There are people who are not applied because people are not well informed and require plasma for mild. The plasma is applied to patients who are severe, the elderly, people on chemotherapy, the physician must evaluate the patient’s conditions”, said Rafael Trejo, head of the Blood Bank of the Hospital El Salvador.

The doctor estimated that in the four hospitals designated as Blood banks for collection of plasma, has managed to extract the serum to an approximate 220 people who have come voluntarily to the Hospital Rosales, the Bloom, a Military Hospital and Medical Surgical of the Salvadoran Social Security Institute (ISSS).

“Plasma that is removed, plasma that occurs because there is no chance of having reservations, almost all the plasma that is taken out, the moment is already in use. The call is for all those who are sure that they had a PCR-positive by swabbing if they are already recovered and has 28 days, and is asymptomatic can donate”, explained the head of the blood bank.

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Trejo stated that a recovered patient can donate up to six units of plasma and help to three salvadorans in serious condition to recover from coronavirus. However, due to the lack of donors of plasma, and the pursuit of these, the relatives of the people who are serious in hospitals offer to buy it, despite the fact that the collection is free and does not require any cost.

The demand for serum convalescent continues to rise, as the number of patients in serious condition and critical increases daily.

While the pandemic is still gaining ground in the countrywith the increase of suspected cases and the admission of infected patients to Intensive Care wards, effective alternative to save lives is plasma convalescing.

At the despair of the relatives of the patients admitted to the hospital, the people recovered, began to market its serum, denounced Yeerles Ramirez, director of the Hospital San Rafael.

“Antibodies are molecules produced by the immune system to fight infections in the body, whether viral or bacterial”, he explained the hemáto-oncologist Ricardo Leiva.

For the specialists in infectious diseases and a member of the Medical College, Jorge Panameño, high demand, it is difficult to cover by the few Blood banks in charge of your collection, that up until the time they are four.

Panamanian suggests that other institutions such as the Salvadoran Red Cross to join in and be in charge of collecting the plasma from convalescent patients recovered from COVID-19. With the increase of demand it is important to extend the service of collection of the serum.

Health works in development of plasma to treat patients positive COVID-19

For the specialist in Hematology, Rafael Trejo, the donation of plasma is low and the reason why it has managed to cover the demand of patients in need of the serum to recover, it has been because the people who already donated the first time we have been approached to donate on multiple occasions. In addition, he argues that the application has started to be increased and it is impossible to keep the serum in reserve.

Although the official figures of frontline staff have been infected by the virus is unknown, from the beginning of the week, family members, health staff and thousands of salvadorans have made to circulate through social networks the application of donors of plasma for doctors, nurses, or members of their families that are in need of the serum to recover from the virus.

The deaths in the Health sector between doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, bikers, among others, is approximately 28 deaths in the health sector because of complications from COVID-19, as the Movement for Health “Dr. Salvador Allende”.

“We are talking about a significant impact on health personnel, in which one require care in the ICU, others less committed; but it is a situation that is impacting the health staff. The level of solidarity, the level of donation that can be made from that plasma that allows to improve the defenses on the person that is transfused and has a better recovery. For us it is so-called because it avoids the complications”he insisted a member of the association.

Minister of Health reported increasing cases covid in Santa Tecla, Colón, Antiguo Cuscatlán, San Juan Opico, La Libertad and Quezaltepeque

While Carlos Godinez, doctor of the Intensive Care Unit at the Rosales Hospital, suggested to the Ministry of Health made a data bank of people who generated antibodies by COVID-19 that, through the donation of plasma, these (patients retrieved) can help other people to combat the disease.

Blood banks that collect plasma
-Bloom Hospital
-Rosales Hospital
-Hospital Surgical Medical of the ISSS
-Military Hospital

Requirements for donating plasma:
patient recovered from covid with a test swabs positive with 28 days. they have to have a second negative test. No symptoms of Flu. to be a person between the ages of 18 and 60 years.
Women who have had children can’t donate.



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