““Only 4 toilets in 3 hours of flight, let’s get some sleep” An angry passenger next to him” – The Herald Economy

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[헤럴드경제=이원율 기자]A passenger complaining of symptoms of dehydration was reported to have gone to the bathroom too often on the plane, causing inconvenience to a passenger next to him who suffered from insomnia.

According to a recent report by The Mirror, a British media outlet, the passenger in the next seat suffered from a passenger who went to the bathroom four times on a three-hour flight.

The passenger at the center of the controversy brought two 1.1-liter water bottles with him before boarding the plane because he was worried that he might become dehydrated during the flight.

After continuing to drink water, the passenger who wanted to go to the bathroom woke up a female passenger sitting in an aisle seat.

This female passenger suffered from insomnia, and had to move out of her seat while barely asleep. She says this happened over and over and she woke up 3 times.

In the end, the female passenger appealed, “Please refrain from going to the bathroom. I want to sleep.” In response, the passenger said, “If you don’t drink water, dehydration can occur,” she said. “She has no choice but to drink water and go to the bathroom,” she said.

The conflict between the two passengers ended after the plane hit the ground.

However, as this story spreads to the American community, netizens are expressing various opinions.

Many of the netizens responded, “If you were going to the bathroom often, you should have gotten an aisle seat” and “It would be difficult to get dehydrated just because you drank a little less water for 3 hours.”

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Netizens on the other side commented, “No passenger who drank a lot of water broke the rules on the plane” and “Drinking water is the passenger’s freedom. It cannot be disturbed.”

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