ONLY ON THE BOX: Filip Chajzer got engaged to his beloved in the Dominican Republic! “He boasted in the editorial office of a photo of the ring”

Filip Chajzer has recently made a revolution in his emotional life. After his affair with Anna Jędrzejuk came to light, he moved out of his son’s mother. It soon turned out, however, that the new relationship was only a fleeting infatuation, and the journalist was already making a life with someone else.

Reportedly, 25-year-old Julia fell in Chajzer in the eye on one of the videos of friends and decided to look for her on the Internet. The fascination turned out to be mutual and the couple moved in together almost immediately.

A love like this can only happen once… and forever – excited Filip confessed in an interview with “Fact”

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Chajzer and his beloved spent the last days in the Dominican Republic. The paparazzi caught the couple after returning to the country at the airport. A mysterious ring was visible on the finger of the 25-year-old.

As we were able to determine, the journalist decided to propose to his beloved after less than two months of acquaintance.

Philip makes no secret of it. Still on vacation, he boasted about his engagement in the editorial office and sent a photo to several people, where happy Julia shows an engagement ring – a person from “Dzień Dobry TVN” reveals in an interview with Pudelek.

I put it off every time. Recently, however, when I was at the hairdresser, he said: “Filip is today!”. And I agreed to it. My fiancée is delighted with this metamorphosis – we read.

We decided to ask the journalist for a comment, but he refused to answer our questions.

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This guy is tragic XD

Oh f.. quickly! He recently parted with the mother of his child, then there was a great love but very short and now another and already engaged!! Wow, some people are lucky in love 🤣🤣

You are so pathetic, there are no words!

This little ring. Kurzaj gave a better one.

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Cut it off from the power supply, i.e. the cash register, it may come to its senses. He needs hard work. Such a type will be the first to raise a white flag in a war. More and more of these celebrities will hang around.

I saw them today! They run around town. He looks dramatic with this hair and she looks completely unremarkable. Compared to the mother of his child, it only begs the question if he has not lost his mind somewhere by taking such an unattractive girl now

And no one ever wanted me…

I would be ashamed to meet Chajzer. I would be ashamed that someone would see me with him and recognize me. He is a walking denial of any trait I consider masculine. But I mean this absolutely seriously.

There must be something wrong with him. He should find a good doctor

I lost respect for him

She looks terrible with that dyed hair. They don’t suit him!!!

I don’t know why the hell they get engaged after two months of relationship, you don’t understand this celebrity rotation. And why the hell brag about it

Chick doesn’t waste time, she knows that life in the capital city costs a lot, there are a lot of volunteers for the walls and the wall will not fit that much, and that Filip aka Krzysio Ibisz version 2 will soon replace it with a younger one. It wants to cut off for itself what it can xD

or the next Chajzer on the way

A loser in every field, and he has such a wonderful, wise father. Who did it work for?

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