Only This Month! 5 Sky Phenomena in December 2021

December is a month with very cold weather conditions that tend to be extreme in the northern hemisphere and sub-tropical countries. In fact, in tropical countries this month is predicted to be the peak of the rainy season as well as an annual storm.

Eits, don’t be gloomy yet! December 2021 is also one of the best months for astronomers or amateur sky phenomenon observers. You can see the 5 most beautiful night sky phenomenaepic which only happened this month. Anything? Come on, listen!

1. Peak meteor shower pheonicid (2 December)

illustration of meteor sighting ( Rodrigues)

This month is famous for the occurrence of 2 meteor showers, namely the most active meteor shower geminid and lesser meteor shower ursid. In addition to these two phenomena, on the night of December 2 there will be a peak of the meteor shower pheonicid which is a pity to miss.

Especially for residents of Central and South America, Southern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and Oceania, this is an exciting time to try and see a different meteor shower during 2021.

2. Total solar eclipse (4 December)

Only This Month!  5 Sky Phenomena in December 2021solar eclipse illustration ( Coffey)

A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon blocks the sun completely, so that the sun’s outer atmosphere is known as the corona. In fact, only the southernmost tip of the South African region will see a partial solar eclipse. I hope the sky ga overcast here!

3. Venus looks very bright (December 7th)

Only This Month!  5 Sky Phenomena in December 2021illustration of the sighting of the planet venus ( McIver)

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On the night of December 7, Venus will reach its greatest brightness in the 2021-2022 night cycle. This happens because the position of the planet is at a magnitude of -4.7. This position is very close to the brightest position ever (-5). Don’t forget to bring your camera guys!

4. Peak meteor shower geminid (13 December)

Only This Month!  5 Sky Phenomena in December 2021ilustrasi hujan meteor (ł Mancewicz)

Geminid among astronomers, referred to as the king of the meteor shower. This is because this phenomenon is capable of producing up to 120 colorful meteors per hour at its peak. The meteor comes from debris left by an asteroid known as 3200 Phaethon, which was discovered in 1982.

Generally this event takes place every year from 7 to 17 December. The peak in 2021 will occur on the night of the 13th and the morning of the 14th. Are you ready?

5. Solstice (December 21)

Only This Month!  5 Sky Phenomena in December 2021illustration of celestial phenomena ( Mackie)

December 21 marks the winter solstice for the Northern Hemisphere. The effect is that it is the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

While in the Southern Hemisphere, December 21 is the summer solstice. As a result, it is the longest day of the year.

Those are the 5 most special celestial events that are a pity to miss in December 2021. So, which one? here your favourite?

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