Oops! Modern Manufacturers Predict Pendemi Ending 2022, Here’s The Explanation

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AKSARA KHATULISTIWA – Two years on, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced people to carry out activities according to existing procedures.

Stephane Bancel predicts the pandemic will end within a year, the reason vaccine production is increasing to supply global demand.

“The need for vaccines over the past six months has increased quite a bit, by the middle of next year, sufficient doses must be available, so that the whole world can be vaccinated,” Bancel said.

Bancel added, Moderna is preparing a vaccine for babies, those who are not vaccinated will immunize themselves for a long time, because the delta variant is very virulent.

With the Covid-19 vaccination so that someone is not exposed to this virus attack in the winter.

Bancel expects life to return to normal by the middle of next year.

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Furthermore, he approves booster injections for people who have been vaccinated. Covid-19 booster vaccine is only needed from the first and second doses.

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