Opel’s first electric SUV: official Mokka-e data is out

from Katrin Lehmann on May 16, 2020

press-informThe new Opel Mokka comes at the turn of the year

Opel had created a successful model with the Mokka. Attractive design, reliable technology and the optional all-wheel drive made the SUV very popular in large parts of the world. The electric version is now in the starting blocks.

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The successor comes at the turn of the year. And unlike the first Opel Mokka, which received the Mokka X add-on during its production period, it is no longer a GM creature, but on the move on a PSA platform. That costs him the all-wheel drive that is valued by many, because for reasons of cost, PSA still does not use real all-wheel drive in its models and only offers an electric rear axle for plug-in hybrids and later for electric cars. Normally, the Opel Corsa, like the Grandland X or the upcoming Mokka, is therefore only driven via the front axle.

The technology of the Opel Mokka, which is currently entering the final phase of its trials, comes from the DS3 Crossback, which has been available as a combustion engine and with an electric drive since last year. “At Opel, we’re all really looking forward to seeing the new mocha on the street in customer hands. The test drives run like clockwork, also because our new one with its low weight and compact external dimensions can be tuned very well. Handling and comfort are great. Mocha driving is pure joy. This makes development work fun, ”says Opel engineer Karsten Bohle.

136 hp and a range of over 300 kilometers

As far as design is concerned, there will be no similarities to the DS3 Crossback either inside or outside, because the Opel Mokka continues the design line of the new Corsa consistently and therefore much more technically and straightforwardly than the French DS3 Crossback. Some visual details will come from the electrical study of the GT X Experimental. In terms of technology, Opel Mokka and DS3 Crossback are very similar and are both based on the PSA Group’s multi-energy platform CMP (Common Modular Platform). The 1.5-ton electric version of the Opel Mokka is powered by a 100 kW / 136 hp electric motor with 260 Nm maximum torque, whose 50 kWh battery should guarantee a range of over 300 kilometers.

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In contrast to the electric DS3 Crossback, the top speed of the Opel Mokka should hardly be blocked at 150 km / h, because then it will be difficult on German motorways and also for customers. The German Frenchman can recharge in five hours on an 11 kW wallbox and the lithium-ion battery pack at 80 percent in a half-hour charging station.

Also available as a petrol or diesel

In addition to the electric version, the Opel Mokka is also available as a roughly 1.2-ton petrol or diesel engine with 100 and 130 hp each, as well as a nearly 160 hp top petrol, which have slimmed down around 120 kilograms compared to the predecessor. Unfortunately, the sensible all-wheel drive is also no longer available. While the petrol engines have charged 1.2-liter three-cylinder, the 1.5-liter common rail diesel is likely to be particularly economical in both engine variants.

The top version offers an eight-speed automatic as in the Corsa. The optional equipment will include matrix LED headlights, navigation system, motorway and parking assistants, electric seats and keyless access via smartphone, with which the owner can also share the driving authorization with third parties via the app. The base price should start at around 22,000 euros.

Article written by Stefan Grundhoff; press-inform

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