open the call for volunteers

Not only the draw for the semifinals of the next Eurovision 2022. Today it was open the call for the recruitment of volunteers which will support the organization of the event.

The announcement, online at this link on the website of the municipality of Turin and promoted by the association Youth X Turin (GxT), provides 600 seats for “young adults”.

This is the wording on the announcement while on the GxT page it is specified that to take part in the activities of the association the maximum age allowed is 30 years.

The deadline for submitting the application is set for Monday 14 February and it is necessary to give availability for a minimum of 3 out of 4 shifts. These are the dates of the shifts:

  • April 1st – April 25th
  • April 26 – May 7
  • May 8 – May 14
  • May 15 – May 20

You can also specify in which time slots you can be present (times are still indicative):

  • All day
  • Morning: 7:00 – 14:00
  • Afternoon: 13:00 – 19:00
  • Will be: 6:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.

Eurovision 2022: the tasks of the volunteers

The tasks that can be performed by volunteers are the following:

  • Tourist information and event venues
  • Management of flows and services to the public in the various locations (indoors and outdoors)
  • Reception of national delegations
  • Headmasters in the press room and delegation area
  • Accreditation and transport
  • Collaboration in the volunteer secretariat
  • “Attaché”: or staff member assigned to a delegation (knowledge of English is required for this role)

In fact, there is no activity only at PalaOlimpico but also in neighboring areas such as Piazza d’Armi (where there will be an area dedicated to media and delegations), in Piazza Castello per l’Eurovillage, in the hotels that will host the delegations, in the production offices and in the volunteer secretariat.

All volunteers will be provided with uniform, to be worn during shifts, as well as for ticket for public transport e Good meal.

There is no refund or accommodation for volunteers who are not resident in Turin.

Candidates are required to be in good standing with regard to normative anti-Covid in force in Italy, therefore to be able to exhibit the Super Green Pass and / or negative buffer certificate.

On this point it will be necessary to wait for the development of the pandemic trend and, consequently, for the protocol adopted by the organization.

Finally, a mandatory briefing at the end of February. The place and date are still to be defined but will be communicated via email to the candidates. On this occasion, tasks will be assigned and further dates set for subsequent training sessions.

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