Open the current page. Kubgib, the second child, but it’s so beautiful, what have you done?

Beautiful day, beautiful night, so beautiful that netizens saw it and had to gasp. for the actressBgib Sumonthip Now, even as a mother of two children But still, the aura tends to take care of itself very well. It’s no wonder that the most loving husband Bie Thansapak is both in love and lost even if they are far from each other in different countries.

I have to say that over the years that I have seen Kubgib cruising on the entertainment path, it can be clearly seen that it is a beauty development. Who now sees it is a must see. Ready to ask, which doctor is it?? Why does it look so good?

At this event, the young Kubgib girl can’t stand the call.

...After a lot of people have asked where Gib has done his nose job. and asked for advice on how to do a good job, where to make a good eye, and how to make a good face shape. So Gib decided to open an agency for everyone to consult directly with Gib. By the way, we will take you to take care of everything in Korea!!! ...

In this event, anyone who wants to be beautiful and perfect like a Kub Gib girl can pin it and follow.

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