Operation “Storm”: authorities confirm identity of those killed

PEDRO JUAN CABALLERO. Authorities of the Joint Task Force (FTC), police and prosecutors confirmed at a press conference the identity of the three elements of the northern criminal group killed last night. They are Lucio Silva, Esteban Marín López (36) and Rodrigo Argüello (24). It was also noted that it is presumed that the kidnapped Vice President Oscar Denis is still alive.

According to the Anti-kidnapping Department of the National Police, it was about the “Tormenta” operation, a confrontation that occurred in the Cerro Guasu area, Amambay, shortly after 9:00 p.m. the day before. An FTC patrol detected a column of men moving in the dark and as they approached them, at one point, the suspect group opened fire on the FTC commandos.

The shots were returned and, after a few moments, they ceased from the suspects. Applying the standard protocol for these cases, the FTC troops continued advancing until they found the bodies of those killed. It is not ruled out that there are more injured among criminals.

According to the forensic doctor Pablo Lemir, two of the bodies of those killed, those of Marín López and Argüello, have already been delivered to the relatives. Likewise, the professional indicated that Silva had four bullet wounds, the fatal wound being one received in the thigh, right side.

“This impact produced a complex fracture of the femur and injury to the great femoral vessels. It causes death by exsanguination in a few minutes, ”said Lemir.

In addition, the coroner indicated that Marín López was the target of three bullet wounds, one of them penetrating the thorax “causing a hemopneumothorax on the right side and causing death by asphyxia.”

As for Argüello, this man was hit by two shots, “his death was due to a cardiorespiratory arrest due to a shot to the skull,” said Lemir.

Already the commander of the FTC, Captain Óscar Chamorro León, said that those killed “had long weapons and backpacks. All this was not touched until the arrival of the pertinent organs to proceed with the legal work ”.

Another aspect referred to by the authorities is that there is no doubt that the group of criminals operating in the north of the country have logistical support, so their insurance activity will continue in the area. He added that the FTC’s work will not stop until the area is pacified.




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