Opinion: the blockcin road map of Rostec can deprive Russia of sovereignty


By June 2019, a roadmap for blockchain development should be developed in the Russian Federation in the framework of the state program "Digital Economy". The operator of road maps on DLT technologies will be the state company Rostec. However, as one blokchayn expert believes, Dmitrij Kosten, a consultant to the Russian Federation government on digital economy issues, the document in preparation has many shortcomings and may adversely affect the sovereignty of the country. He expressed his point of view in an open letter.

Blockchain as a control technology

According to the expert, Rostec mistakenly considers the blockchain as a tool for industrial optimization, although it is an effective management technology.

"99% of all existing business cases are reduced to the use of blockchain in production processes for optimization, integration or re-engineering. But this approach has lost relevance in the middle of tenths. Today, the main task is the transition towards forms of management that create radically new socio-economic relationships ", – emphasizes Dmitry Kosten.

He proposes to consider blockchain technologies as a way of organizing social and industrial relations in the form of a "platform" or "ecosystem".

"The use of blockchain technologies to optimize routine production processes is nothing more than nailing a microscope", – the expert noted.

Build your own pattern of meanings

Kosten noted that the national economy is competitive if based on its own unique meanings. Initially, the state should build a model of production relations and create production resources and applied concrete solutions based on it.

"The blockchain platforms allow us to create autonomous systems that are not tied to the geography of the state. This is a network, not a vertical model of the organization of socio-economic space.

The absence in the Russian blockchain platform of its own pattern of meanings will lead to the fact that Russia will be included in global production relations as an employee participant. The Russian economy will have to obey the logic of the players who have developed their "vertical implementation", – says the letter.

Digital sovereignty

If the road map does not undergo major changes, then Russia can turn into a digital appendix of the West, believes the expert.

"The struggle for geopolitical superiority stems from the plane of military superiority, in terms of technology and management models. Economic superiority grows not from production methods, but from management models", – Note.

In conclusion, Dmitry Kosten turned to the leadership of the state corporation with a proposal to discuss the detailed comments prepared by him and his colleagues on every point of the roadmap.

Recall that the Russian company Waves Platform and the Institute of Novosibirsk software systems are involved in creating a roadmap for the introduction of blockchain technology. The continuation of the implementation of the roadmap activities is expected in the third and fourth quarter of 2019.

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