Opinion: Why Macs should switch to AMD processors


It's no secret to anyone that in the near future, Apple intends to transfer Mac computers to ARM processors. This solution has both advantages and disadvantages. However, the rejection of x86 architecture is only planned for the years 2021-2022 and every year it is necessary to release updated Macs. And it's quite possible that Apple should look at AMD processors right now. Why? Now say it.

The first Macs with Intel processors appeared on the market in 2006. The choice fell on them for a reason – so the American manufacturer offered the most productive solutions. Alas, at that time, AMD could not compete with its main competitor. For many years, Apple has used Intel chipsets, but it seems that recently a well-known chip maker has started to lose ground, both for ARM developments and for AMD processors.

Literally the other day, at CES 2019, AMD showed its new developments: the third generation Ryzen chips, built on a 7 nanometer process. The latest single-chip systems have proven so productive that they can beat the high-end Intel Core i9-9900k processor in the Cinebench brand benchmark. At the same time, the AMD test system consumed even less energy – the difference was around 25%.

Despite a significant increase in performance over the last two generations of Intel processors, AMD offers similar or even better performance with much less money. As for the integrated graphics, here is the undoubted advantage of AMD: the company has learned to create graphics solutions that exceed the speed of Intel HD Graphics and Iris Graphics 2-3 times.

Obviously, Apple should pay attention to the AMD processor segment. These chips are cheaper, they are productive and energy efficient. Without a doubt, the best chip-maker solutions can be successfully used in professional computers like Mac Pro or iMac Pro. At the same time, AMD's mobile processors will eliminate the main disadvantage of MacBook Pro 13 – poor graphics performance.

Do you think it is appropriate to switch to AMD processors? Give your opinion in the comments or in our telegraphic chat.


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