OPPO introduces OPPO Find N2 Flip with various advantages in Medan

OPPO launched a folding mobile phone, OPPO Find N2 Flip with various advantages, such as the latest hinge technology, the widest front screen in its category, capable battery life, professional camera in collaboration with Hasselblad.

“This is OPPO’s first foldable cellphone in Indonesia as well as the first flagship smartphone to be produced at the domestic OPPO factory for consumer needs,” said Chief Marketing Officer of OPPO Indonesia, Patrick Owen, Tuesday.

OPPO Find N2 Flip has been launched since May 10 2023 and to make it easier for consumers in Medan, OPPO opened a Pop-Up Store at Plaza Medan Fair.

The innovation advantages of OPPO Find N2 Flip and the OPPO Care + service provided can answer the needs of premium consumers in the city of Medan, as well as a form of OPPO Indonesia’s support in strengthening digitalization.

The presence of OPPO Find N2 Flip marks 10 years of OPPO’s presence by presenting technology that answers the challenges of folding cellphones.

He explained, OPPO Find N2 Flip presents a new era of folding cellphone durability on the hinge with New Generation Flexion Hinge technology.

Relying on the latest generation of hinge technology, the OPPO Find N2 Flip hinge design is more compact

This folding cellphone appears with a larger closing screen, a larger capacity battery, and faster charging.

OPPO takes the hinge resistance of the Find N2 Flip to the next level with a certification from TÜV Rhineland, where OPPO does extreme testing on the OPPO Find N2 Flip hinge, which can withstand up to 400,000 folding cycles, higher than other folding cellphones on the market .

Various advantages of the technological innovations developed have made OPPO Find N2 Flip a folding cellphone with a better user experience.

“That is proof of OPPO’s commitment to creating products that are truly focused on meeting the needs of its users.” he said.

Head of Public Relations of OPPO Indonesia, Baskoro Adiwiyono said, with the best hinge technology, it is equivalent to using more than 10 years, by opening and closing the screen 100 times a day.

With the New Generation Flexion Hinge technology, OPPO Find N2 Flip offers a compact, flexible and gapless design when closed, thereby reducing the risk of dust entering the smartphone.

Another advantage of the New Generation Flexion Hinge technology allows OPPO Find N2 Flip to appear with a screen with the shallowest fold marks for the first time on current folding cellphone devices.

The waterdrop hinge design when closed allows OPPO Find N2 Flip to form a minimal indentation angle so that when the hinge is opened, the crease depth on the main screen OPPO Find N2 Flip is only 0.11 mm, which is significantly shallower and almost hidden when compared to other folding cellphones .

The screen fold angle is optimized to 1.29º which is the best in the market.

“This simultaneously presents a smooth main screen experience, eliminating user anxiety about the durability and comfort of maximizing a folding cellphone,” he said.

With an extra-sized outer screen or 3.26 inches, users can easily see the full selfie preview, check notifications, and even increase its functionality by displaying up to 8 widgets.

Including answering messages, toggle settings, recording voice notes, answering calls and more without having to open your smartphone.

The cover screen can display 7 lines of text, WhatsApp notifications up to 5 lines, and can even be linked to the main screen.

“The superiority of design and reliability does not mean that OPPO Find N2 Flip ignores the quality of the camera,” he said.

OPPO’s first folding cellphone is equipped with a 50MP main camera with a Sony IMX890 sensor, an 8MP ultra-wide, and a 32MP front camera with a Sony IMX709 sensor.

Collaboration with Hasselblad is a strong foundation for producing images with natural color tones with near-native color accuracy.

Sold at IDR 14,999,000, the OPPO Find N2 Flip comes in Astral Black and Moonlit Purple colors.

“Developing folding cellphone innovation does take a long time, but for OPPO investment is important,” he said.

Being the first is not the main thing, because excellence is a priority and OPPO is sure that the OPPO Find N2 Flip has the advantage of being the best folding cellphone in the country.

With a price of IDR 14,999,000, consumers will get an extra benefit worth IDR 4,550,000 in the form of OPPO Premium Services, including one year OPPO Care+ service with damage insurance or one year new unit replacement warranty insurance.

Includes two free replacements for the original UV/AR anti-scratch every year, as well as a bonus Indosat im3 data plan bundling for 12 months with a quota of up to 600GB.

Reporter: Evaalisa Siregar

Editor : Riza Mulyadi

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