OPPO Will Collaborate with International Scale Designers in Reno4


OPPO Indonesia will soon present its newest Reno series, OPPO Reno4 in August. Reno4 will be supported by various trendy features that will make the user’s photography experience more satisfying.

There is an AI Color Potrait that can lock a favorite color or highlight, so that other colors change to monochrome. This feature certainly brings users into a new world, so they can express their creativity.

When night and in low light conditions, Night Flare Mode in OPPO Reno4 will create a bokeh effect from night light that enhances the user’s self-photos.

Apart from photography, OPPO Reno4 also supports videography with maximum capabilities. The 960fps Smart Slow-motion feature allows users to capture aesthetic moments with sharp and detailed slow motion video effects.

OPPO Reno4 takes its users to a new level of photography and videography with these features. In addition to the advanced features offered, OPPO recently announced something surprising.

Reportedly OPPO Reno4 will collaborate with an international accessories designer. OPPO said that this collaboration is the spirit of Reno4 that not only brings creativity in its features and technology, but also brings art.

OPPO Reno4 Photo: Doc. OPPO Indonesia

The figure of Rinaldy Yunardi will bring art wrapped in technology and innovation in OPPO Reno4. He combines futuristic and classic designs with a touch of diamond in his latest accessories. According to him, the more polished diamonds will shine more and more, like someone who is always learning and getting to know more about everything to create more works. He considered Reno4 is a form of the diamond, the best form in the latest design and technology.


For information, Rinaldy is known internationally through the works of accessories that have been used by many Hollywood artists. Call it the top artists such as Mariah Carey, Katty Perry, Nicki Minaj, until Kylie Jenner also used her work.

What do you think this collaboration between OPPO Reno4 x Rinaldy is like? Wait for further information and find out about the presence of OPPO Reno4 in Indonesia only at https://oppomobile.id/reno4.

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