OPPO’s brilliant idea to recover the notification LED on your next mobile

OPPO wants to recover the notification LED on its mobiles, and the new Reno 7 will be the first to do so in a most original way.

Everybody remembers the headphone jack like the great loss of recent years in smartphones, caused by advances in design driven by the telephone industry. Yet few people seem to remember another of the victims of these advances: the notification LED.

With very few exceptions, such as the Sony Xperia 1 III, it is difficult to find a mobile with LED notifications in the middle of 2021. However, some companies have not yet thrown in the towel, and plan to regain this valued feature in the not too distant future.

OPPO is one of them, and very soon we will be able to see your first mobile with LED notifications in a while. To achieve this, he has resorted to a most striking idea which, probably, other manufacturers will not take long to copy.

The new notification LED of the OPPO Reno 7.

A notification LED around the camera: this will be the OPPO Reno 7

The Serie OPPO Reno 7 will be presented next November 25, as the company has confirmed on your Weibo profile. Although what is truly curious is found in one of the promotional posters published by the brand, where you can see how the device’s camera module will be surrounded by an LED which will light up when a notification arrives.

This LED would serve as an alternative to the “Always on Display” mode, having the advantage of consume less energy. make better use of the existing space, and give the design of the terminal a unique look.

OPPO Reno 7, blue rear

The back of the OPPO Reno 7, with its peculiar gradient finish.

In that sense, the company has also shared images that show what will the new device be like, with a design very similar to the current one OPPO Reno 6 5G, with straight edges, a metal camera module and a glass back panel with a matte finish, available in a striking blue color.

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