Oppression of Protesters continues in Myanmar / Day

Since the military junta seized power in Myanmar in early February, soldiers and police have killed at least 581 people, including dozens of children, in the crackdown on protests, according to information gathered by the Myanmar Association of Political Prisoners (AAPP). About 3,500 people were detained and 2,750 of them are still in custody, the organization said.

Despite the brutality of security forces and the blocking of the internet, protests and strikes against the military junta in Myanmar continue.

The media today quoted eyewitnesses as saying that when the soldiers entered the protest camp, a shooting broke out and several people died. Protesters demand the restoration of Aries Sana’a’s civilian government.

News site Mizzima reports that three people were killed, but a local resident told the news agency Reuters said that the bodies of five people had been seen. There is no independent confirmation of this information.

Restrictions on broadband internet and mobile data services have hampered the ability of mostly youth-led protest movements to organize demonstrations and other campaigns and share information on social media.

Fixed line telecommunications services are still available in Myanmar, but few use them.

Alps Tokers, who founded the group NetBlocks, which is monitoring internet outages around the world, has said that Myanmar has been plunged into the information abyss since February. “Communication is now severely limited and available to only a few,” he added.

As the print media do not appear in Myanmar either, protesters are looking for detours to spread their message, including publishing their own A4 edition, which is being distributed digitally as well as in print.

Politician Dr Sasa, who heads a parallel government that unites representatives of the former Su Chi government, said their lawyers would submit evidence to the UN on Wednesday about the army’s atrocities in Myanmar.

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