“Optimizing and Adjusting” the Animation to Be More Tolerant_ Securities Times

On September 27, video platforms such as Station B and Tencent relaunched “Ultraman Tiga”.

Just three days ago, many domestic video websites successively removed videos related to “Ultraman Tiga”. Youku video staff said that it was temporarily unavailable due to content adjustment and optimization, while Tencent and iQiyi said it was related to the expiration of copyright. Although the copyright owner did not respond, the relevant person in charge of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television recently stated that “support qualified Internet audio-visual program service agencies to produce, introduce, and broadcast excellent cartoons with healthy content and promote truth, goodness and beauty in accordance with laws and regulations, and resolutely resist violence. Cartoons with unhealthy plots and scenes such as blood, vulgar pornography, etc. are broadcast online.”

Avoiding being affected by the bad plots of cartoons is a long-term pain point of minor protection. Children have a strong curiosity and ability to learn to imitate. Watching cartoons is a way of leisure and entertainment for many children. The pictures, plots and ideas advocated by cartoons will have a profound impact on them. From this perspective, the relevant departments must be cautious in reviewing and checking.

Many cartoons have light-hearted and imaginative plot content. These simple and easy-to-understand stories often tell the audience simple and profound principles of life, and have positive and far-reaching educational significance for children. Some people say that even though they are an adult, they still like to watch a few episodes of childhood cartoons in their spare time to relax and reminisce about their childhood. Many classic cartoons are still active on major video platforms today and become “childhood memories” of a generation. It is precisely because they more or less convey positive values, thoughts and feelings to people, and make viewers feel The real world has good memories and expectations. Their value lies in this, not the controversial “violent crime” and “dangerous actions” in the film.

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It should be noted that there have been more and more complaints about cartoons in recent years. In February this year, a child in Yinchuan tried to “fly” under an umbrella from upstairs by imitating the plot of a cartoon, causing multiple fractures in his body. In July 2018, a girl accidentally fell to her death after imitating a rock climbing plot in a cartoon. Once a tragedy occurs, it will be unbearable for the children and the whole family. In April this year, a report issued by the Jiangsu Provincial Consumer Protection Committee sorted out 1,465 problems in 21 minor cartoons, involving violent crimes, dangerous actions, advertising and marketing. As the society pays more attention to the growth and safety of minors, it is necessary to optimize and adjust some cartoons that have been broadcast again in order to better convey positive ideas to minors. From the perspective of empathy, we might as well give some classic cartoons “optimization and adjustment” more time for carving and more tolerant understanding.

The sunshine of childhood needs the protection of the whole society. This not only requires relevant departments and organizations to shoulder the important responsibility of review and optimization, but also requires parents to pay certain attention and active guidance when children watch cartoons, and become “gatekeepers” around their children. Only with the joint efforts of all parties can cartoons truly bring entertainment and educational significance to children, and carry children’s beautiful memories of imagination and creation.


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