Optional updates now start in the new build of Windows 10 20H1


Microsoft has released another preview of the Windows 10 Insider update for the 20H1 feature planned for the beginning of 2020. Fast Ring insiders can now try the new version, including many improvements.

The new Windows 10 Build 18985 preview for the Fast Ring offers several exciting new features. This includes a simplified pairing of Bluetooth devices (initially for Microsoft and in particular Surface accessories) and the change already introduced for optional updates in the basic settings of Windows 10.
Windows 10 20H1The cut and the sketch get a unique window mode

Furthermore, the Windows team redesigned the Snip & Sketch app (cut and draw) and introduced two new options: Zoom, for example, to enlarge small screenshots to add annotations and a new "Single window mode", in which only the last one The screen remains in the app window.

Innovations and improvements

In addition to improvements and new options, there is a long list of bug fixes and corrections. As always you can do it in of Windows Blog read all the important things in a summary of insider leader Dona Sarkar.

General changes, improvements and fixes for the PC

  • We have fixed a problem where the addition of a new language pack has reported a correct installation but has not been installed.
  • We have solved a problem affecting the reliability of the settings when accessing the Network and Internet area.
  • We have solved a problem that could cause incorrect display of printer entries for non-manager accounts: text and non-selectable conflicts.
  • We have solved an issue that caused Task Manager to experience an unexpectedly high temperature for some GPUs.
  • We have solved a problem that caused Task Manager to show 0% CPU usage on the Performance tab unexpectedly.
  • We have fixed an issue where users of the local account were presented with the setting that allows Microsoft accounts on the device to work without a password (requiring access to Windows Hello and the hidden password option from the lock screen). Now the setting only appears for Microsoft account users.
  • We've solved a problem with the download option. Reset PC Cloud, which didn't calculate the correct amount of space you had to free if you didn't have enough space to continue.
  • We have solved a problem where the Restore cloud download option of this PC will not work if some optional features have been installed.
  • At this point we are solving our known problem with Realtek SD card readers. If you continue to have problems with SD cards, please take a moment to check for driver updates and file feedback if this is not enough for you.

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Microsoft, Windows, Windows 10, 20H1

Microsoft, Windows, Windows 10, 20H1

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