“Or at first sight”. Anita from the third edition of the show warns new participants. She also has important advice for them

Wedding at first sight“is already in its fifth season. Viewers are just starting their adventure with new participants of the show and so far, based on one episode, judge that this edition may be quite successful.

“Wedding at first sight”. Viewers comment: It will be a completely different edition

The fifth season of “Wedding at First Sight” will also be watched by Anita Szydłowska and Adrian Szymaniak, who found love on the set of the third season and, unlike many couples, have not divorced. On the contrary, their family grew. The spouses lived to see two kids. Anita already has advice for future participants of the format. He also warns them of difficulties.

“Wedding at first sight”. Anita Szydłowska warns the participants of the format

Anita Szydłowska is very active in social media. On Instagram, he likes to boast about family photos. Now, on the occasion of the premiere of the fifth season of “Wedding at First Sight”, she remembered the memories of participating in the show. She admitted that she often wondered how her fate would have turned out if she and Adrian had not signed up for the program. She also revealed that she was keeping her fingers crossed for the daredevils of this edition of “The Wedding”.

This time we are very curious what personalities will face such a great opportunity and experience the adventure of life (oh how I envy them – I would like to come back to this moment and go through it again). I am even more interested in the edition itself, because it was already filmed during the pandemic. So the formula had to be changed a bit – she wrote.

The young mother also warned the future spouses, who will stand on the wedding carpet on TVN, that they will face many difficulties. However, she advised us not to give up and fight for affection.

Dear new couples, do not give up on the first stairs, because it will not always be downhill, but it’s important to go together – she appealed

Do you think that this edition will result in more permanent relationships?

“Wedding at first sight”. They succeeded. The lucky ones found love on the show

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