“Or at first sight”. The expert of the program criticizes Tomasz for referring to his wife’s weight. “He shouldn’t say that” [PLOTEK EXCLUSIVE]

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In the last episodes of the program “Wedding at first sight“The relationship between Julia and Tomasz is getting worse and worse. The participant apparently lacks empathy and honestly comments on, among other things, the appearance of his wife.

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Magdalena Chorzewska spoke about Julia and Tomasz [PLOTEK EXCLUSIVE]

Julia and Tomasz from “A Wedding at First Sight” asked Piotr Mosak for support. The couple began to realize that it was difficult for them to communicate. The expert criticized Tomek’s words about Julia’s weight. He forbade the couple to talk about their appearance. The conversation in the presence of a specialist, unfortunately, did not help. After he left, Tom, under pressure from Julia, suggested to her that it would be better between them if … she lost weight.

Gossip asked Magdalena Chorzewska about Tomasz’s unfortunate statements about the appearance of his wife. The expert strongly criticized the participant’s attitude.

This situation and Tomek’s words were very unfortunate. He shouldn’t be saying it, not at this stage of the relationship, and not like that. Let us feel for a moment in Julia’s situation. Her newly married husband, who did not know her before, criticized her carcass. She must have felt unattractive for him – the expert described the situation.

Magdalena Chorzewska believes that there is room for mutual motivation in any relationship, but you need to do it sensitively and find out if the other side needs these changes first.

You can motivate yourself to make positive changes in a relationship, as long as it is not done by force and against the other person. It is also important how we do it. Tomek did not talk to Julia what she wanted, whether she felt good about herself, instead he imposed on her what she should do. According to my information, Julia feels good with her weight and appearance – the expert commented for Rumor.

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How will the couple’s fate be? Julia’s account shows that she still has a negative attitude towards Tomek and does not intend to meet him until the decision is made.

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