“Or at first sight”. The participants organized an event. Among the guests Iza and Kamil. Did they give themselves a second chance?

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“Wedding at first sight” is a show in which experts connect participants in pairs. Some of them are still together, such as Anita and Adrian. There were even two children. Other relationships, on the other hand, did not stand the test of time. This was the case with Iza and Kamil. Information about their separation appeared in September this year. Meanwhile, they were recently seen together.

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“Wedding at First Sight” – Which couples have decided to break up?

Great love, then turmoil and breakups. These pairs did not separate in agreement

“Wedding at first sight”. Iza and Kamil at one party

Iza and Kamil were invited to the event, which was reported on Instagram by:in. Agnieszka from the fourth edition of the program. It was both housewarming party, celebrating the birthday of two people and a meeting of “wedding folk” – this is the inscription on one of the cakes.

Cake from the participants' 'wedding at first sight' partyCake from the party of participants of the ‘wedding at first sight’ instagram.com @agnieszka_lyczakowska

Among the guests there were, for example, Joanna, Iga and Jacek. The whole group of people having fun posed to common photos. However, Iza and Kamil did not stand next to each other and did not sit together at the table afterwards. They are only friends, or maybe it’s something more?

Katarzyna NosowskaKasia Nosowska is delighted with her son’s next talent. MikoĊ‚aj showed off his culinary skills

Iza and Kamil were the only couple of the fifth edition who decided to continue their relationship after the program. They were also considered a good pair. So the greater was the surprise of many people when they announced their separation on social media. They reported that it was theirs common decision.

We tried, it did not work – wrote the participant of “Wedding at first sight”.

Over time, it turned out that some Internet users in the messages to Kamil hated his ex-beloved, recognizing that it was all her fault. He then stood up for her.

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