Orai.lt: short rain will pass, gusty wind will blow

On Sunday, a whirlwind of high atmospheric pressure will intensify over Lithuania, which will no longer allow new cyclones into our country in the next few days. At night the sky will start to clear up quickly. The chances of rain will be low. In places, a thick fog scarf will spread underground, which will reduce visibility for drivers. The wind will remain northwest, calm. In Paris, the air will cool to 3–8, in the Curonian Spit 9–11 degrees.

Sunday is expected to be dry, sunny and pleasant. A weak wind of erratic direction will blow. The temperature will also delight in the afternoon, the thermometers will show between 13-18 degrees.

We will start the new week in sunny weather too. Rain is not forecast when the fog will subside in the dark. the wind is barely felt. Only the temperature will no longer pamper it like it did on Sunday. At night the weather will cool to 2-7, there will be about 9 degrees of heat in the Curonian Spit. In places, the soil surface will be bleached by frosts to 0-2 degrees. During the day, the weather will warm to 12-16 degrees.


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