Orai.lt: the week will start rainy 15min.lt

In the first half of the day, the wind will blow from the southwest, west, but as the front approaches, it will turn more and more from the northwest. It will be heavy when the gusts reach 15 m / s. Although there will be a lot of clouds, it will not prevent the air from warming to 17-22 degrees on this day.

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On Tuesday night, the clouds will start to disperse, the sky will clear, and areas of higher pressure will strengthen over Lithuania. There will be few and brief rains only in some places, more likely in the southern areas. After a rainy day, thick fog will subside in places. The wind will calm down, will be weak, changing direction. The temperature during the night will drop to 4–9, in the Curonian Spit 10–13 degrees.

Tuesday is forecast to be beautiful. The man’s erratic cloud cover. The wind will take a westerly direction, will be of medium strength. The mass of cold air traveling to the country will no longer allow the temperature to exceed 15-20 degrees.

On Wednesday, we will fall between two pressure fields – high and low. Thicker clouds will flow into the country, but occasionally clear clouds will appear in much of the country. Both at night and during the day in places, most likely on the west side of the country, a short rain will pass. In the dark of the day, a thick fog scarf will spread under the ground. There is a faint wind. The temperature at night will be between 4 and 9, in the western areas in places between 10 and 13 degrees. During the day the weather will warm to 15-20 degrees.

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On Thursday, a higher-pressure area will surround our country. In many places there will be low cloud cover, only in the western districts will still pass individual thick clouds, which will consume short-term and light rain in some parts of Western Lithuania. The wind will rot from the southeast, it will be weak at night, it will strengthen to medium strength during the day. As the sun rises, the air will cool to 5-10, in the western areas in places 11-13 degrees. The day will return to 15-20 degrees.

By the end of the week, rain clouds will return to many areas, and the days will be getting cooler.


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