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In France

Expenses rise in the telecom. Arcep has announced that the four telecom operators French, Orange, Bouygues, Free (Iliad) and SFR (Altice Europe) have increased their investments to 10.4 billion€ in 2019, an increase of 5.1%, including the 7.8 Billion€ in fixed networks. December 31, 2019, $ 18.3 million of buildings were eligible for fiber in the hexagon.

Carrefour France exchange of head. The executive director of Carrefour Spain, Rami Baitieh, takes the helm of Carrefour France. He replaces Pascal Clouzard. He will be replaced in Spain by Alexandre de Palmas. Baitieh has to his credit the turnaround of the hypermarkets in Spanish of the sign.

Back in Champagne. Rémy Cointreau enters into exclusive negotiations with a view to the redemption of the company Champagne de Telmont. This champagne house old a little over a century is based in Damery, near Epernay. It is one of the last actors in families independent of the sector. The completion of the transaction, whose amount was not disclosed, is expected to occur during the third quarter of fiscal year 2020/2021 of the company (i. e Q4 2020). For Legros, this is a return to the champagne, since the company had disposed of in 2011 its division dedicated, Piper-Heidsieck – Compagnie Champenoise to 412,2 M€ (enterprise value).

Inventiva mark points in the NASH. Lanifibranor (Inventiva) reached the primary endpoint and secondary endpoints in phase IIb in the NASH. “Lanifibranor is the first drug candidate to have statistically significant effects on the resolution of NASH without worsening of fibrosis and improvement of fibrosis without worsening of the NASH“says the lab, which intends to continue with a pivotal phase III study. The detailed results will be presented at the conference of the AASLD in November. The NASH is an indication demanding, as demonstrated by the failures of recent (Genfit), but the data are promising.

In short.

  • Gecina sells 1300 m2 in the 8e arrondissement of Paris.
  • Saint-Gobain announces the terms and conditions of the capital increase 2020 reserved to its employees.
  • ADP group recorded a decrease in traffic of 98% may 2020 on a year, Covid requires.
  • Capelli launches a subsidiary heritage dedicated to investment in real estate.
  • Genomic Vision is creating a line of funding of€ 12 Million by OCABSA.
  • MedinCell up to 15.6 Million euros via a capital increase, more than expected.
  • Axxion monte to the capital of Sidetrade.
  • Icade Promotion yields 1000 m2 of offices in Marseille.
  • Abivax gets a PGE of 5 M€.
  • Metabolic Explorer gets a PGE of€6.2 Million.
  • Agripower adapts its objectives to the Covid-19.
  • Esker expands its tools in a solution of Supplier Management.
  • Delta Drone, Groupe Flo, IRD Group have reported on their general meetings in the respective.
  • Kumulus Vape has published its accounts.

In the world

Lufthansa size in its workforce. Lufthansa confirms the removal of the equivalent of 22 000 jobs full-time, half of which were in Germany. The air operations themselves will pay a toll of about 5,000 positions, including 600 drivers, 2600 crew and 1500 personal at the ground. The German company loses about€ 1 Million per hour, had it announced in April.

Kinnevik loose ballast Zalando. Kinnevik will give 4.2% of Zalando, about one-sixth of its participation to 26%. Market information suggests that the shares are placed between 57,40 and 58,40 EUR (vs. a course of 59,43 EUR at the closing yesterday, after a 36% increase in 2020).

The LSE takes the risk. According to good sources, the London stock Exchange would not have offered any concessions to the european Commission in connection with the redemption of Refinitiv, which should lead to a thorough investigation. Most analysts had been pencilling in a passage in “phase 2” of the antitrust of this operation in 27 billion$, which would enhance the influence of LSE on the content financial.

Tesla is provides at Glencore. The Financial Times has learned that Tesla has signed an agreement with Glencore to supply cobalt-factory-Shanghai and the future factory of Berlin.

In short.

  • The boss of Jeff Bezos, would welcome a hearing before the us congressional this summer about the dominant position of its group.
  • Facebook offers the payment via WhatsApp in Brazil.
  • The debt of Embraer declines in the category speculative at S&P.
  • Six former employees of eBay before the justice for a campaign of harassment, cyber to a publication of criticism of the company.
  • Jaguar Land Rover will remove approximately 1100 jobs, interim, has announced its parent company Tata Motors, to try to save 1 billion£ in a full year.
  • Chesapeake Energy should be placed under the protection of the bankruptcy act as early as this week, according to several sources obtained by Reuters.

It publishes. Oracle, Lennar, Ashtead…

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