Orange supports the iPhone eSIM for professionals … or maybe not


As we expected recently, Orange is finally supporting the iPhone XS and XR eSIM … but only for business customers. Several professionals have stated that they can purchase a second eSIM package and Orange Pro customer service has confirmed that this option is available to business customers.

Updated at 22:00: Would it be a huge misunderstanding? Although customer service has indicated to several pro customers and to ourselves that it was possible to subscribe to a second iPhone package on the eSIM (we did not realize the operation due to the lack of a pro package), other customers have obtained a contradictory statement. It could be a misunderstanding internally with the eSIM package for Apple Watch or with tests, the activation is scheduled for this month based on our information but is not yet official (it could be postponed to a later date). We apologize for the confusion, we try to have the end of the story as soon as possible.

You can choose any Pro package as a second package. This second eSIM package has increased by € 5 HT per month. For example, if you want to add the 20 GB smart pro package on your iPhone's eSIM, it will cost € 29.99 / month (a € 5 / month discount for 6 months, independent of eSIM). , is currently available).

If you are a corporate customer, you must contact customer service to take advantage of this new opportunity. The contractual document that specifies the conditions of the eSIM option does not yet appear online (the only link available does not lead to anything).

Consumer customers are not yet eligible for this option. We have asked Orange for eSIM offers for individuals and we are waiting for an answer.

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