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Until now, the reference to OTP was a lie, and as expected, the OTP line was released as soon as it became clear that the OTP obstacle could be removed. The EU offered to mediate towards the Ukrainians, and Orbán stated after the board meeting of the Christian Democratic International of Bled (CDI-IDC): “According to Hungary, it must be clarified whether the fund continues to serve the original goals, pan-European security, or is transformed into Ukraine’s military means of its support, therefore blocking further payments.” There is no mention of OTP anymore.

As an explanation, Orbán said, “the European peace framework was originally created for European security, not because of the war in Ukraine. The aim of the framework is to strengthen security throughout Europe, but so far the money has been primarily used to support Ukraine”. The reason is no longer that the Ukrainian Anti-Corruption Agency (NAZK) put OTP on the “list of international sponsors of the war”, even though Szijjártó previously said: “until Ukraine removes the largest Hungarian bank from the list of international sponsors of the war, they are not negotiating” new subsidies.

With the fact that Hungary blocked the disbursement of the 500 million euro installment of the European Peace Facility (EPF) for the weapons intended for Ukraine, seriously intervenes in the war on the side of the Russians, because it hinders the long-awaited, decisive Ukrainian counterattack. After it turns out that it is Putting OTP on the war sponsor list was also just an excuse, it is clear that this is the obvious purpose of blocking money. Hungary is thus openly intervening in the course of the war alongside the Russians, preventing the sending of the money necessary for the Ukrainian counterattack.

Orbán’s current announcement means that he does not consider supporting the Ukrainian armed forces to protect European security. It pits the security of Europe against the support of Ukraine. This current reference is clearly an attack on Ukraine on the part of the Russians, as if Russia does not threaten Europe, therefore there is no reason to protect Ukraine in the European interest, but to hand it over to the Russians. This is clearly an agent’s work for the sake of the Russians’ victory in the war.

Putin justified the attack on Ukraine with global reasons and threatened the whole of Europe. Its announced goal is to restore Russian sovereignty over the territory of the former Soviet Union and redraw the borders. That is why Europe today is protected from Russia by the Ukrainian army. The key to European security and avoiding World War III is the victory of the Ukrainian army. European security is protected by Ukraine, and the European Union protects the security of Europe when it supplies the Ukrainian army with ammunition. Orbán is lying when he contrasts the security of Europe with the arming of Ukraine.

All this means they lie day and night. They are inventing everything to weaken Ukraine and help the Russians. Orbán will do everything for the victory of the Russians. This is an attack on European security. Orbán is on Russia’s side, so it is only a matter of time before the Ukrainians consider Hungary to be an opposing enemy and war party along with the Russians. The Russian army is fighting with weapons, Orbán is at the European and international negotiating tables. These are two sides of the same enemy attack.

Hungary is a terrorist state that blackmails and attacks Europe to support the Russian allied army. It must be said that Ukraine is opposed by Russia and Hungary, Hungary is attacking and endangering Europe together with the Russians. Orbán is Russia’s ally against Europe, NATO and America. Orbán belongs to the Russian bloc.

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2023-05-18 23:25:04

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