Ordem dos Médicos defends “independent inspection” of health rules – O Jornal Económico

The Order of Doctors (OM) defends an “independent inspection” of the sanitary rules in the field during mass events, such as at the Festa do Avante that starts a little over a week ago.

“An essential aspect related to mass events is inspection, regulation is not enough. It is necessary to monitor, there must be autonomous and independent structures that monitor compliance with these measures ”, said this Thursday, August 27, the coordinator of the Covid-19 crisis office of the Ordem dos Médicos to Jornal Económico.

“The inspection cannot be left to the interested parties. This is the same thing that drivers start to supervise their own driving on motorways. What would the traffic brigade do then? ”, Points out Filipe Froes.

The specialist is keen to point out that this applies to any mass event, and not to the Festa do Avante in particular. “For us, there is no individualization of events – be it the Festa do Avante or the Moto GP in Portimão. There are mass events that must all respect the same legislation that must be clear and transparent ”.

Despite OM defending an independent inspection during the events, the DGS said this week that the PCP must “enforce, and observe, at all times, the rules”, said Graça Freitas.

The Avante Festival kicks off at Quinta da Atalaia, in the municipality of Seixal, on 4 September. And just over a week before the event, the opinion of the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) that contains the rules for the event is not yet publicly known. On the one hand, DGS says that the decision to disclose health rules is the PCP’s. But the communists say that “it is up to the DGS to make known” the opinion.

“Another thing that is fundamental is that all this information has to be public. There is no transparency, coherence and uniformity if the information is not public ”, says Filipe Froes, pulmonologist and intensivist.

“We do not discriminate against any party within mass events. Everyone should be subject to specific legislation with public health regulations that is uniform, clear and consistent and according to the level of risk and epidemic activity so that everyone has the capacity of what they can or cannot do and realize that all are equal in terms of performance and compliance with the law, ”said the official.

After much criticism for keeping the party unchanged in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, the PCP finally gave in and decided to reduce the capacity of the Festa do Avante from 100 thousand people daily to 33 thousand.

The holding of the Festa do Avante in time of a pandemic has been widely criticized by the leader of the largest opposition party.

“Both the Government and the PCP are setting a bad example for the country that all other parties, and not only, voluntarily do not do. We are in Minho, how many pilgrimages have not been canceled this year, and well, precisely because of something that the PCP and the Government are not respecting in this respect? ”, Asked the president of the PSD this week, quoted by Lusa.

“There are 33 thousand people in a very wide space”, said Rui Rio, pointing out that “the responsibilities are shared between the Government and the Communist Party. The PCP wants to make the party, but the Government will authorize the party ”.

In turn, the Communist Party continues to prepare the party that takes place between the 4th and 6th of September in the municipality of Seixal, district of Setúbal.

“The PCP, not claiming exceptional treatments but vehemently rejecting any discretionary and arbitrary attitudes and decisions, will continue to prepare the Festa do Avante, guaranteeing health protection and prevention measures that allow all visitors to enjoy it in safe conditions”, said the PCP this week.

For communists, the “holding of the Festa do Avante is an important contribution to the enjoyment of life in conditions of physical and mental well-being, and ensuring that the inviolable rights enshrined in the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic are respected”, they said, quoted by Lusa.

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