Order stolen: burglary in Berlin Stasi Museum


Burglary in the “Stasi Museum”: The booty included the “Karl Marx Order” – the highest honor of the GDR.
Picture: EPA

Unknown people broke into the Stasi Museum in Berlin. Among the loot is a medal that was considered the highest honor in the GDR. But not everything the thieves took is real.

DThe orders are gone. And that with Erich Mielke, the former Stasi boss. More precisely, in the Berlin Stasi Museum. There broke unknown offenders on the weekend. They smashed four display cases in the night of Sunday and stole some of the highest Communist awards. Their prey included the “Patriotic Order of Merit in Gold” and the “Karl Marx Order”, the highest honor of the GDR.

Markus Wehner

Then there were the orders of the great communist brother “Hero of the Soviet Union” and the “Lenin Order”. They had been awarded to Mielke and other Stasi bosses. In addition, the thieves were accompanied by gold jewelry. This is not a big material loss, but for such real orders collectors pay several thousand euros for auctions.

At the estate auction of the GDR foreign currency funder Alexander Schalck-Golodkowski, two years ago, 8,000 euros were paid for a Karl Marx Order. However, not all medals that were stolen are actually originals, as museum director Jörg Drieselmann told the Berliner Zeitung “Der Tagesspiegel”.

The gold jewelry includes wedding rings, rings with stones and pearls and a watch. The Stasi confiscated the jewelry for example in “Republic refugees”, some pieces were sold for foreign currency in the West. After the end of the SED dictatorship, large quantities of gold and jewelery were found in State Security properties. The Stasi Museum is located on the former site of the headquarters of the Ministry of State Security. There was intelligence chief Mielke, who died in 2000, until 1989, his office.

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