Oreshkin announced talks on the "Nord Stream – 2" in Berlin


MOSCOW, 20 February – RIA news. The head of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Maxim Oreshkin, said he plans to discuss the Nord Stream – 2 project with his German counterpart on Thursday in Berlin.

The head of the Ministry of Economic Development will visit Berlin during a working visit and a meeting will be scheduled with the German Federal Minister for Economics and Energy Peter Altmeier. In addition, ministers will participate in the conference "Competitive Russia – New Ways".

"I will discuss economic cooperation: Nord Stream 2 is now one of the key projects," said Oreshkin, answering a pertinent question.

However, he added that this project is not the only one in relations between Russia and the Federal Republic of Germany. "We have investment projects in completely different sectors: if you have heard, the president in his message told us differently about the European and American partners, we are actively working with our French partners and with German, so that the positive movement that it was formed last year was actively going forward, "added the minister.

"I am going to discuss a positive agenda for joint development for the benefit of the EU and Russia," said Mr. Oreshkin.



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