Original Play: Dubioses Educational Concept – Panorama


Foreign adults fool themselves in day care centers with children: this is “original play”, a method of playing without a scientific foundation. Now in several German day care centers abuse allegations are loud. Why did nobody intervene earlier?

His voice is no longer enough for a long phone call, after all, they are just a handful of people who have to divide their forces, writes Steve Heitzer in a long e-mail. There is talk of death threats, of hate and slander, canceled events. The “mindfulness teacher,” as he calls himself, tries to straighten out what is hardly straightforward. Steve Heitzer is one of the best-known representatives of the network “Original Play” in German-speaking countries, which propagates a method of play that is no longer to be used in kindergartens and kindergartens in Berlin, Brandenburg and Bavaria after abuse allegations have been raised. The Kinderschutzbund goes even further and calls for a nationwide ban. A corresponding petition on change.org already has almost 60,000 supporters.



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