Orlando Airport near bottom in the Best Airports 2018 report


The Orlando International Airport has landed close to the top 2018 airport rankings by an online travel consultant The dots boy.

Included in the rankings are the 30 busiest airports in the nation. Orlando is in 24th place for the second time in a row and not far from the base airports in the New York area.

"From 1 to 30, there's not a huge range of scores," said Julian Kheel, editorial director of The Points Guy, founded in 2010 and providing travel tips and reviews. "So Orlando should not feel like they have the worst airport in the world, they're just not as good as some of the other airports in our office."

The Orlando International Airport ranking is very different in the North American North America Power 2018 Airport Satisfaction Study, where it is linked to the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas as the best "mega airport" in the nation.

Kheel said that the Points Guy rankings are put together differently than the customer satisfaction studies.

"We rely on objective numbers, difficult data that we collect from government statistics to third-party databases," he said. "Numbers, not opinions."

The Guy Points rankings derived from three categories: services, such as restaurants or lounges; accessibility by car, taxi or public transport; and timely results for travelers.

Orlando has obtained the 15th place for access, the 20th for the performances on time and the 28th for the services.

Kheel said airports such as Philadelphia and Honolulu, Daniel K. Inouye, have fewer passengers but more than double the Orlando International lounges.

The ranking of Orlando as 24th corresponds to the same position in 2016, which was the first year for the study of The Point & # 39; s Guy.

Kheel said that Orlando International Airport has shown improvements in timeliness and accessibility, but has immersed itself in the services category as the number of passengers has increased.

"This report does not intend to undermine the airports at the bottom of the list, although some people might suggest that New York airports could take a lot of work," Kheel said. "But Orlando is not that kind of airport, it just suffers from the fact that it's a popular airport and it's busy."

The first ranking for services is Dulles International, for accessibility is San Diego International and for time performance is Salt Lake City International.

The most quoted airport is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

In Florida, Miami occupies the 12th place and the 26th of Fort Lauderdale.



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