Orlando eliminates NYC in rare penalty shootout

Orlando.- Madness was present in the playoffs of the MLS, in the game in which Orlando City won 6-5 in an unusual and controversial round of criminal al New York City, to get your pass at semifinals conference.

During the game, the Portuguese Nani scored a 1-0 penalty at minute 5 and his goal was replicated by Maxime Chanot in minute 8, in the revolutionized start of a game that had a closing that caught the attention of the world of football.

With 3 minutes remaining in regulation time, Orlando suffered the expulsion of Ruan Gregório Teixeira and would face one man less the releases from the 11 steps to define the semifinalist of the Eastern conference.

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The forward of the Orlando City Benji Michel scored the decisive goal in sudden death in the second round of penalties.

But before the Argentine defender Rodrigo Schlegel, who held the position of goalkeeper of Orlando City after the owner, the Peruvian Pedro Gallese He was sent off in the penalty shoot-out due to the accumulation of two yellow cards, he also became a hero of the match when the one launched by the Icelandic defender Gudmundur Thórarinsson stopped.

Orlando thought twice that they had won before Michel’s attempt, first when Gallese saved Argentine Valentin Castellanos from a penalty during the fourth attempt of the New York City.

But match referee Allen Chapman thought Gallese, who excelled with great saves while on the field, got off his line too early and showed him a yellow card.

The Peruvian goalkeeper had already received a warning for wasting time in the second overtime, for which he was sent off, so his club tried to make a change of goalkeeper, an issue that is prohibited during a round of criminal, so goalkeeper Brian Rowe returned to the bench.

And the Colombian coach of Orlando City, Óscar Pareja, surprised everyone by deciding on Schlegel (a central defender) as Gallese’s replacement.

Castellanos passed Schlegel on his second attempt, and then the goalkeeper of the New York City, Sean Johnson, saved Portuguese midfielder Nani’s penalty to force him to sudden death.

The players and coaches of Orlando City they rushed in celebration as they entered the field after Schlegel saved Thorarinsson’s penalty, seemingly unaware that the shootout was tied (5-5) and needed to continue.

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