News Orlando is the favorite venue in case the NBA...

Orlando is the favorite venue in case the NBA competition returns

Adam Silver explained, just ten days ago, that the NBA has deadlines to decide if the 2019-20 season returns or is permanently canceled due to the covid-19 pandemic. Within a hypothetical back stage, Orlando It appears at the moment as the headquarters with more options to house the rest of the campaign.

As Shams Charania has reviewed, right now Florida state city and Disney World facilities They would be the best positioned for this return to competition in the NBA, ahead of other places that had been considered in recent weeks such as Las Vegas, which also has infrastructure to resume the basketball calendar.

Silver’s wish is choose a venue that can host all matches to avoid travel and movement of franchises and all their players / employees.

Silver explained, several days ago, several key points of the League planning:

  • The decision to return (and when) is not to be made in May, even in early June. Only when the public health situation ensures a reliable decision.
  • There are no guarantees as to when fans will be able to return to the halls, suggesting that the return to competition could be made without an audience in the stands.
  • The NBA’s desire remains to complete the season in a traditional finals format, that is, best-of-seven playoffs. However, he left open the possibility of creating special tournament formats according to the availability of dates, in case, for example, that there was less time to play.
  • Silver informed the players about the start of the next campaign, which could be moved to December, without even considering whether or not this season will be completed. This would change the usual calendar.
  • Before competing, a training camp of at least three weeks would be held. This was a request from the players that the NBA sees favorably. And incidentally it would help to initially control possible cases of positives for the virus.


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