Ortega Smith llama "scoundrel" to the Government delegate and requests that the next selection of the UIP be "more demanding"

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The deputy and spokesperson for Vox in the Madrid City Council, Javier Ortega Smith, has joined the fifteenth day of protests against the amnesty in the Ferraz street, where the national headquarters of the PSOE is located, and has called the delegate of the Government of Madrid a “scoundrel”, Francisco Martin, for, in his opinion, ordering a “disproportionate and humiliating” police deployment. At the same time, he has called for the next UIP selection to be a “a little more demanding.”

Once the demonstration in Ferraz was dissolved, which this Friday brought together 1,000 people and it happened peacefully, Smith has come out for another day in defense of the protesters before the police. “You are going to be left wanting to make arrests,” he shouted at the riot police to whom he told them to “practice with the bag.”

The Vox deputy has stated that “if to demobilize 25 kids with the Spanish flag it is necessary to mobilize the entire UIP in Madrid, it really is An effort must be made in the selection of the UIP”, has said.

Thus, he insisted to the police officers present that “they do not need helmets, vests, defenses, tear gas or so much paraphernalia.”

Having said this, he addressed the Government delegate amid applause from the witnesses. “You are a scoundrel who does not use the UIP agents who “They should be repressing demonstrations of the extreme left, of the CDR in Catalonia, of the ‘borrokas’ in the Basque Country”has thrown him.

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