Oscar 2019: 17 extravagant facts about the Academy Awards of this year


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We had the Golden Globes, we had the Baftas, but now the film industry is getting ready for its biggest night of the year – the Oscars.

The stars are gathering in Los Angeles for the 91st Academy Awards, which take place at the Dolby Theater this Sunday evening.

Rome and The Favorite are leading this year, with 10 nominations each.

While Alfonso Cuaron orders a new trophy cabinet, we have taken a look at some of the most unusual things we have identified this year.

Here are 17 extravagant facts to file for your next pub quiz.

1. Lady Gaga took its name from the song of Queen Radio Gaga, while saying she "adore" the band.

But more than a decade after shooting fame, he actually finds himself on his feet versus their.

His film A Star Is Born tackles the competition in the best image category of the biopic film Queen Bohemian Rhapsody.

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2. This is the third time that Amy Adams and Christian Bale have starred in a film together and both have received an Oscar nomination for this film.

They appeared next to The Fighter (2010) and American Hustle (2013), and now they both nodded this year for their roles in Vice.

Only Bale won, however, bringing home the best supporting actor for The Fighter.

3. Mahershala Ali is the favorite to win the best supporting actor this year, for her role in Green Book.

He won the same award two years ago, for his performance in Moonlight.

If this year brings back the prize, it will be the fastest that an actor has won the same Oscar twice since Tom Hanks, who won the best actor in 1993 (for Forrest Gump) and in 1994 (Philadelphia).

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Mahershala Ali indicating the Oscar number that hopes to have trophies in her locker

4. The best supporting actor-in-person Richard E Grant is well known to an older generation of Withnail & I.

However, a much more important acting performance than that was, of course, her role as Spice Girls manager in 1997, Spice World.

"I had two great results of being in Spice World: The Movie," Grant told James Corden in November.

"Lena Dunham wrote four episodes of Girls for me, because she saw me in Spice World, and Adele sent me a ticket to visit her in London because she was also a Spice World: the movie's fan."

5. Glenn Close currently holds the dubious title of actress with the highest number of Oscar nominations to his name without a win.

It is very likely that you will change this year, as it is the favorite for the best actress for her role in The Wife.

His six previous nominations are for his roles in films such as Fatal Attraction, Dangerous Liaisons, Albert Nobbs and The Big Chill.

6. In both the best actors and categories of secondary actors this year, four out of five candidates represent real people in their roles.

And in both categories, the one who plays a fictional character is A Star Is Born – Bradley Cooper and Sam Elliott.

The figures of real life portrayed in the two categories include Freddie Mercury, Vincent Van Gogh, Dick Cheney and George W. Bush.

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Yalitza Aparicio (L) and Marina De Tavira of Rome are both awarded for acting

7. This is the first year that Netflix got a nomination for Best Picture.

Their nod comes in the form of Rome – directed by Alfonso Cuaron.

It has had a hugely successful season so far – including the first Baftas award at the start of this month.

8. The star of Rome – Yalitza Aparicio – had never acted before when she had been chosen.

Other stars who got an Oscar nomination for Best Actress with their first film include Quvenzhane Wallis (Animals of the Wild South, 2013), Gabourey Sidibe (Precious, 2009) and Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit, 2010).

9. All four of this year's acting prizes could be interpreted by lesbian, gay or bisexual characters.

The winning actors of the Baftas were all – Olivi Colman and Rachel Weisz played lovers of The Favorite, while the portrait of Don Shirley of Mahershala Ali included references to his homosexual encounters, while Rami Malek played Freddie Mercury, who was bisexual.

Last year, the winners of the four acting categories were exactly the same at the Baftas and the Oscars.

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The same four actors were awarded both at the Baftas and at the Oscars last year

Frances McDormand, Gary Oldman, Allison Janney and Sam Rockwell both won the respective categories in both ceremonies.

But it is less likely to happen this year, as Glenn Close should triumph in the category of the best actresses on Olivia Colman, who took the Bafta.

10. In 2008, The Dark Knight helped change the rules of the Oscar, which has expanded the category of the best images from five candidates to as many as 10.

It was hoped that this would have allowed to recognize more films of superheroes of great success (that is to say films that the public actually goes to see).

However, it takes a decade for a superhero film to actually benefit from this change of rules, in the form of the nomination of this year for Black Panther.

11. The nomination of RBG in the best category for I & # 39; ll Fight is the 10th Oscar for the singer Diane Warren.

His others include How Do I Live by LeAnn Rimes (from Con Air), I Do not Go to Miss to Thing by Aerosmith (from Armageddon) and There You Be Be by Faith Hill (from Pearl Harbor).

But despite all her nominations, she never came home with an Oscar.

Last year Warren told Time that if he won, "I probably would have fainted, I would have had to get out of there, I would be so shocked."

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12. Incredibles 2 is named as the best animation film this year.

But the sequels have rarely won in this category since the Oscars introduced them in 2001.

The last one he did was Toy Story 3 of 2010 (despite its misleading title, the 2014 Big Hero 6 was not a sequel.)

Toy Story had left an interval of 11 years between the second episode and the third: the long absence perhaps allowed the heart of the Academy to grow.

Incredibles 2 had an even longer absence – with 14 years between the first and second films. Could it work in your favor?

13. A Star Is Born is nominated in eight categories, but Bradley Cooper has missed a nod as best director.

It is thought that this was at least partly influenced by a New York Times profile, which criticized him for refusing to discuss how his personal life influenced the making of the film.

The star admitted to Oprah at the beginning of this month felt "embarrassed" by rudeness.

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Glenn Close: nominated seven times, zero-time winner (but may be about to change)

14. Chadwick Boseman originally would not have had an African accent in Black Panther.

He told the Hollywood Reporter that Marvel had originally suggested that the Wakandan should have British accents, otherwise "it could be too much for an audience".

But, he said: "It seemed like a puzzle, I was like," No, this is such an important factor that if we lose it now, what else can we throw away to make people feel comfortable? .. Once we decided to do it, we recovered. "

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15. Mary Poppins Returns will not have an equally great night of the original.

He has four nominations for the year, two for his music, as well as the best costume design and the best production design.

The 1964 film by Julie Andrews won five of the 13 awards for which he was nominated, but lost the best view, however, to My Fair Lady.

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Amy Adams has been nominated for six Academy Awards but has not won yet

16. Increasingly, films should not be released during the awards season to attract the attention of the Academy.

One of the great hits of 2018, Get Out, was released almost a year before the Oscar ceremony to which he had been nominated.

This year sees hints at Black Panther (released last March) and at BlackKklansman (last August).

17. Christian Bale shares a birthday with Dick Cheney, who plays Vice.

But it is fair to say that Bale does not share the same policy as the former Republican Vice-President.

While accepting the Golden Globe award last month, Bale said, "Thanks to Satan for giving me inspiration on how to play this role."

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