Óscar Puente, a key stone for Sánchez’s wall against the opposition

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Óscar Puente (Valladolid, 1968) will sit in the next Minister council as the new holder of the portfolio of Transport and Urban Mobility instead of Raquel Sánchez. Puente was removed from the mayor’s office of Valladolid, his hometown, on May 28 despite his having been the most voted list, although only minimally. An agreement between the PP and Vox removed him from the town hall.

Now, Pedro Sánchez rescues him after having promoted him during the failed investiture debate of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, giving him the possibility of acting as his subordinate in the responses to the candidate. Before, he had already catapulted him by naming him spokesperson for the Federal Executive socialist, a position in which he held very little time. In this last stage, he was also included in the PSOE negotiating team with independentists and nationalists, although little is known about his efforts in an area in which the leading voice has been the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, and the Secretary of Organization of the PSOE, Santos Cerdan.

The presence of Puente In the Government, a man with an aggressive verb, comes to confirm the purpose of building a “wall”, in Sánchez’s own expression, in the face of the opposition from the right. Bridge reaches Minister council with the thorn in the side of the PP-Vox pact that took the mayor’s office from him and that, in addition, governs in Castile and León.

Always aligned with hardest core of Pedro Sánchez, Puente He even battled against critics who regretted the pact that the current President of the Government forged with Pablo Iglesias to form the first coalition Executive. Now, in the second, in which summer takes over from the purple formation, the former mayor of Valladolid assumes a portfolio with a very important budget to investments in which the technical and also the political aspects are combined, because it will be up to you to benefit some territories or harm others.

In this new stage, he will have to shed light on the complicated transfer of the Rodalies to the Generalitat of Cataloniarespond to the cry of the Extremadurans by a railway connection on par with those of the rest of the country and deal with the agreement reached between the PSOE and Sumar to eliminate or reduce flights that compete with a train offer of less than two and a half hours.

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