Óscar Puente’s stalker arrested for coercion, threats and harm to his parents

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The National Police has stopped in Valladolid a Lucas Burgueñowho recently rebuked the city’s former mayor Oscar Puente when both were going to take a trip on the AVE, as the alleged perpetrator of demanding money from his parents in exchange for not broadcasting a video, which he finally disclosed when the victims did not agree.

As police sources have explained to EFE, the agents arrested Burgueño this Sunday for the alleged authorship of the crimes of revealing secrets, coercion, threats and damages.

It was early in the afternoon when he was arrested by a current search, detention and appearance order motivated by a complaint made against him that same day as the alleged perpetrator of the crimes of those four crimes.

The parents of the arrested person expressed at police stations their desire to file a complaint for the dissemination of a video, as the injured parties had refused to give them an amount of money requested by the author.

They also explained that the man threatened to send people to occupy their housecausing damage to the first aid kit and even cutting the cable of the gas boiler, which was rendered useless.

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