The director of the Osorno Health Service, Daniel Núñez, confirmed this morning that the city’s base hospital It no longer has beds available to receive new patients affected by covid-19, due to the high demand of the largest healthcare facility in the province.

Núñez explained that the outlook is becoming much more complex because the instability of the affected patients prevents them from being transported to other areas of the country that could house them.

Currently, the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the Osorno hospital is 90% occupied by covid-19 patients, added to those who have other pathologies or suffered accidents.

As a contingency measure, it was decided to suspend all surgeries, since the recovery rooms for those operated on are being equipped with mechanical ventilators to attend to new patients.

The director of the service indicated that daily the venue receives 150 new cases of covid, of which 20% must be hospitalized for its complications.

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