OTT Regent of Probolinggo Reigns 18 Years-Forbidden Love Leads to Death


Within a week in East Java, the public was shocked by the bribery of a village head position in Probolinggo. The alleged corruption act was driven by Regent of Probolinggo, Puput Tantriana Sari. The female regent was caught by OTT in the private house of Jalan Ahmad Yani No. 9, Sukabumi Village, Mayangan District, with her husband, Hasan Aminuddin, who is a member of the Indonesian House of Representatives.

The OTT also netted 8 people including the village head to the sub-district head. Until finally, 17 village heads from 3 sub-districts were named as suspects. They were also checked for a marathon Friday (3/9/2021) from morning until 21.00 WIB until finally they were brought to Jakarta by road.

They were put in a bus that was closely guarded by the police accompanied by 15 cars containing evidence of 5 suitcases in the form of documents and money. The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has searched the private house, regency government, pavilion and official residence of the Probolinggo Regent. Now the KPK is searching the house of two children Hasan Aminuddin, ex Regent of Probolinggo.

The first time they visited was the house of their first child, Dini Rahmawati. The KPK searched the house for about 4 hours before moving to the house of the second child, Zulmi Noor Hasani, right next to Dini’s house.

KPK officers came to drive 2 cars to the house. The search itself was guarded by heavily armed police who were seconded. The media crew can also only take photos from outside the house.

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17 Suspected of Bribery of Probolinggo Regent Detained by KPK/ Photo: 17 Suspected of Bribery of Probolinggo Regent Detained by KPK (Azhar-detik)

Previously, 5 people were officially detained by the KPK, namely: Hasan Aminuddin (Member of the Indonesian House of Representatives) detained at the KPK Rutan Kavling C1, Puput Tantriana Sari (Probolinggo Regent) was detained at the KPK Detention Center in the Red and White Building, Doddy Kurniawan (Camat Krejengan) was detained at the Polres Rutan Central Jakarta, Muhammad Ridwan (Camat Paiton) is being held at the South Jakarta Police Rutan, SO is being held at the KPK Detention Center at Pomdam Jaya Guntur.

It is known that Puput Tantriana Sari served as regent in 2013-2018 and 2019-2024 and Hasan Aminuddin. Previously, Tantri’s husband had also served as Regent of Probolinggo for 2 periods, namely 2003-2008 and 2008-2013.

Hasan currently works as a member of the Indonesian House of Representatives for the 2014-2019 period. However, the fact of the position of the husband and wife (couple) shows that the dynastic politics in Probolinggo for almost 4 periods was led by the husband and wife.

In addition to the OTT, the Regent of Probolinggo, Puput Tantriana Sari, the public was also shocked by the case of the discovery of a woman’s body in Blitar and beside her, a man hanged himself. The female victim in the sack is known as Diana Wahyu Lestari (30) and the male perpetrator murder The strongest potential to carry out this heinous act is Hari Istiawan (45).

Watch the video ‘KPK Searches Hasan Aminuddin’s Children’s House’:

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