Ottawa High School postpones the Memorial Day after the threat


The sacred high school in the heart of Ottawa in Stittsville backtracked to celebrate Memorial Day Monday due to a threat scrawled on a bathroom stall.

"There is no evidence that the threat is legitimate. However, any threat made to our school, whether it be social media posts or graffiti tags, is taken very seriously," wrote principal Brent Hopkins in a letter to parents and guardians Friday.

According to the same opinion, the threat stated that a bombing and / or shooting would take place in the library or in the theater on Remembrance Day.

"The safety of our students and our staff continues to be our top priority," says Hopkins. He adds that the action in question is all the more disturbing because of the solemn occasion; saying that it should not be subject to interference or distraction.

The new date to mark the Remembrance Day has yet to be determined.

The school will be open as usual on Monday.

The police are investigating.



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