Ottogi 3 years old Ham Yeon-ji has been a cutie since childhood… Past passport photo disclosure

Photo = Hamyeonji Instagram

Musical actor Ham Yeon-ji released a picture of her childhood.

On the 29th, Ham Yeon-ji posted a post on his Instagram on the 29th, “I found my passport when I was a child while organizing my house. I love you, Ham Yeon-ji cheers you for the start of the week! The photo I posted together is the passport that Yeonji Ham used from 1999 to 2004. As a child, Yeonji Ham, who has a cute and bright appearance, makes a smile. The appearance that is not much different from now proves that she is a’maternal beauty’.

Ham Yeon-ji is the eldest daughter of food company Ottogi Chairman Ham Young-joon, works as a musical actor and runs a YouTube channel. My husband, Kim Jae-woo, met for the first time at a high school alliance graduation party and started dating and married in 2017.

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