“Our competitors do not have excise taxes on sugar”

Global brands of soft drinks quickly announced their withdrawal from Russia after the start of the CBO, but in reality they were in no hurry to leave, moreover, they continue to compete in tenders with Russian producers. In an interview with Vedomosti, Natalia Sakhnina, CEO of the Chernogolovka Group, spoke about the peculiarities of the market, difficult relations with retailers, the impact of excises and labeling on competition with foreign companies, as well as litigation in the struggle for brands.

– In 2022, international producers of soft drinks, primarily Coca-Cola and Pepsi, announced that they were either leaving the Russian market or reducing their marketing activity. At the time of the announcement of the plans, there was an opinion that Russian companies would be able to take a place on the shelves of the departed brands. Did you manage to do it?

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