Our government has not asked to postpone the return of the Super Classic between "Boca and River"


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8 October 2019

Argentine President Mauricio Macri intervened to resolve the crisis in the Boca Juniors and River Plate match in the second leg of the Libertadores Cup semi-final.

He denied, "Macri", the Argentine government has asked the South American Federation to postpone the date of the return match in the Super Classic, due to the date of the second round of presidential elections in his country.

"It is a very important game, but it is just a soccer game. Tensions must be defused," Macri said in Argentine television observations. "He continues to emphasize that violence has nothing to do with the round witch."

Mauricio Macri added: "It is not necessary to request the postponement of the game, the meeting will pass safely by the fans and Alalabin, whom I trust".


River Plate presented in the final of the Libertadores Cup

Boca Juniors and River Plate met in the Libertadores Cup final last year, and the second stage saw riots at the Monumental stadium, which led the South American federation to move the game to the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid.

Argentina River Plate led the Libertadores Cup final, beating Boca Juniors in the first leg of the competition.

The two teams met Wednesday at Monumental Antonio, the home of River Plate, in the first leg of the Libertadores Cup semi-final.

The home team and the public managed to score the first goal in the seventh minute of the match, after the referee awarded a penalty for the team in the fifth minute, which was fired by the Colombian player Rafael Santos .

River Plate midfielder Ignacio Perez scored 2-0 in the 69th minute after an impressive cross from team-mate Enzo Suarez.

The game saw several opportunities for River Plate to increase the score to more than two, but the missed players prevented the third goal.

The match also saw the referee's red card in front of Boca Juniors player Nicolas Cabaldo, in the 96th minute of the match.

The game saw several strong interventions between the players of the two teams, which caused the suspension of the game on several occasions during the game.


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