Out in the Green without Metallica – that’s what the organizers say


“A big shock for us”: That’s what the organizers of Out in the Green in Frauenfeld say after the Metallica cancellation

Less than 24 hours before the planned performance, the US metal band Metallica canceled the concert on the Grosse Allmend at the revived Out in the Green. A person from the “Metallica family” is corona positive. For the organizers, this news means additional organizational work and a hole in the cash register.

The legendary US metal band Metallica during a concert in Las Vegas: guitarist Kirk Hammett, drummer Lars Ulrich, frontman James Hetfield and bassist Robert Trujillo.

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Ethan Miller (February 25, 2022)

The bad news reached the organizers during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. The American metal band Metallica, which would have been the headliner at the Out-in-the-Green Festival on the Grosse Allmend on Wednesday evening, has to cancel its performance. The band released in a statement:

“It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce that unfortunately we cannot perform in Frauenfeld because a member of the Metallica family tested positive for Covid-19 despite the strictest hygiene measures.”

We deeply regret having to disappoint the fans. But it is a firm intention to appear in Switzerland as soon as possible. We are working on planning a new date. The Metallica gig would have been the only Swiss concert. The organizers had expected around 35,000 visitors for the revival of the legendary Out in the Green.

Not known if a band member is corona positive

The organizer is Frauenfelder First Event AG, which also successfully organizes the Open Air Frauenfeld, the largest hip-hop festival in Europe. The one-day Rock and Metal Open Air would have been the gallop for the Open Air Frauenfeld, which starts a week later. Festival media spokesman Joachim Bodmer said on Wednesday morning when asked:

Joachim Bodmer, festival media spokesman.

Joachim Bodmer, festival media spokesman.

Image: Andrea Stalder

“The cancellation is a big shock for us. We thought that after a two-year pandemic break, we were over the hill.”

Bodmer does not know whether the corona-positive person is a band member or someone close to Metallica. The fact is, however, that the headliner’s cancellation now involves quite a lot of work – and will probably also tear a hole in the box office.

The new schedule.

The new schedule.

Image: PD

There is no insurance for such a case. In any case, the schedule of performances will now be adjusted, the times will be pushed back. That means: The US metallers from Five Finger Death Punch, who should have been on stage from 7.15 p.m., are now the new headliner.

50 francs at the festival or the entire ticket price back

Bodmer says: “It is absolutely unrealistic to find an equivalent replacement for Metallica in this short time.” He deeply regrets the cancellation. Visitors who still visit the festival would receive a refund of 50 francs. Anyone who decides not to take part in the festival due to the circumstances will have the ticket price refunded from the respective advance booking offices.

After Metallica's cancellation, organizers are offering three options.

After Metallica’s cancellation, organizers are offering three options.

Image: Samuel Koch

Bodmer cannot yet say whether there will be a second attempt for a Metallica concert in Frauenfeld in the near future. “Of course we would be happy if it works.”

Wolfgang Sahli, VR President First Event AG.

Wolfgang Sahli, VR President First Event AG.

Image: Andrea Stalder

That Out in the Green should also take place without Metallica was decided together with the other artists, also to set a passionate sign for live music after more than two years of standstill, says Bodmer. “The show must go on.” This is what Wolfgang Sahli, VR President of the organizer company, and Live Nation Managing Director Andre Lieberberg announced in a media release. Now is the time to fly the flag in this difficult situation.

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