Out of school: to Blanquer, the fault of "Islamic fundamentalism"?


The Minister of Education estimates that there are "more girls than boys who do not go to school for social reasons".

Two days before the start of classes, Jean-Michel Blanquer was a guest of France Culture this Saturday 31 August. The Minister of National Education has returned to the choice of the government to lower the age of compulsory education from 6 to 3 years, a measure that he considers necessary in many ways.

"Some girls go to school as late as possible"

"There are more girls than boys who do not attend kindergarten for social reasons", he claimed on the radio. "And we call a cat a cat, Islamist fundamentalism in some territories has made some girls go to school as late as possible"the minister added. Jean-Michel Blanquer also felt that it was necessary from the asylum "Creating a capacity to be together, respecting each other between boys and girls". "This problem will be even more present in teacher training to end gender stereotypes"In his opinion.

A popularity in free fall

"Our goal is to strengthen the public service of national education, fight social injustices, increase the general level of the population and therefore our country", he also supported this former rector of the Academy. "We can discuss the path we take, but it is important to create a basic union in our Republic on the objectives pursued"he also defended against the many critics he received. In fact, since February 2018, good opinions towards the Minister of Education have fallen by 16 points, according to a recent poll by Odoxa-Dentsu Consulting.


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