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Four “cowgirls” and two “cowboys” remain, after Anna-Lisa Kumoji had to leave Star Wars after tonight’s country night.

– It is very awkward, but I have learned so much every single week here. I had been looking forward so much to hip-hop and all the other fun that was to come.

She had a suspicion.

– I will be so honest and say that I understood it a week ago. It was me and the celebrities again, the established artists. I can not compare myself with their fan base, says Kumoji.

Anna-Lisa says she has learned a lot during the weeks in Star Wars.

Photo: Helene Amlie / NRK

She’s a little surprised anyway.

– Not to be apple-handsome, but not everyone agrees on what happens on stage. Many people vote because they are like the artist before. It is the people who choose what they want next, whether it is based on talent or who you love I do not know.

Who are you cheering a little extra on now?

– Talent and hard work are important to me, so I personally cheer a little extra on Heidi and Bjørn. But they are all great artists.

Now she is looking ahead.

– Now it is reopening and Norway is open again, so now hope to see people out there. Hopefully it will tour again soon, and I will release a new EP eventually.

– Directly shocking!

There was great variation in the feedback from NRK’s ​​reviewer, Espen Borge. Everything from a 2 to two 6s was rolled.

Espen Borge

NRK’s ​​reviewer, Espen Borge, does not think Anna-Lisa should have left.

Photo: Private

– Country songs are / were often full of meaning and message, so to be a good country artist, it is important to convey strongly.

Borge is in shock over the outcome of tonight’s broadcast.

– Directly shocking that one of the competition’s best vocalists is breaking out already now, and it feels violently unfair. Anna-Lisa did not do badly at all today, and earlier in the competition she has shown that she was the final material. Both Jorun and Marius had big problems today, and it was another wake-up call for the participants that there are genres that can present problems.

See which roll of the dice all participants received from NRK’s ​​reviewer here

Tonight's judges, Kurt Nilsen and Hanne Sørvaag

Kurt Nilsen and Hanne Sørvaag were in tonight’s judging panel.

Photo: NRK

The judges were also divided in the feedback.

– We have been strict tonight. I must have stood up with the wrong legs, and that irritates me, says Mona B. Riise.

Aleksandra, Carina and Bjørn were highlighted by all the judges as their favorites.

Further in the competition

Carina Dahl and Marius Roth Christensen escaped the horror, after being among the three participants who received the fewest votes.

Prior to the broadcast, there was great excitement about how it would go Jorunn Stiansen, who has been ill with a sore throat and fever.

Stiansen gave himself a speech ban ahead of tonight’s broadcast, hoping to get his voice back.

Remaining Star Wars, Country Night

Seven has become six. Anna-Lisa Kumoji is out of Star Wars.

Photo: Helene Amlie / NRK

Lost grandfather

Aleksandra Rotan sang for her grandfather, whom she lost just before her career took off.

Alexander Rotan
Photo: Helene Amlie / NRK

– He’s with me.

The performance touched the judging panel, especially Hanne Sørvaag, who got tears in her eyes.

– You showed emotion and it hit me right in the heart.

– You are completely unique, Kurt Nilsen continues

1. Carina Dahl «Redneck Woman»

Carina Dahl opened the “salon”, with her interpretation of Gretchen Wilson’s “Redneck Woman”. After a troubled Opera week, country was just what Dahl needed.

– It was completely raw! It was like being in the village! It’s country I listen to the most.

The judging panel was thrilled

– This fits you perfectly Carina, you are a redneck woman! says Mona B. Riise.

2. Bjørn Tomren «My Rifle, My Pony and Me»

Bjørn Tomren brought his girlfriend on stage for his interpretation of “My Rifle, My Pony and Me”, a song he has sung a lot in the last 15 years.

– He was very skeptical of Star Wars in the beginning, but thinks he enjoys himself, says his girlfriend Åse, to a laugh-filled hall.

The judges were also impressed here.

– It gives me such an incredibly good feeling. You did not need a rifle or pony or anything, says Hanne Sørvaag.

– I believe in what you say, Kurt Nilsen continues.

Jorunn Stiansen «Honey, I’m home»

Jorunn Stiansen invited to dance with Shania Twain’s “Honey, I’m home”. A song that has meant a lot to Stiansen ever since she was 13 years old.

– Let it go, I just had to drive on, let it honk to go. I had a blast!

She boasts of getting through the song, despite being ill and lacking in voice.

– What is fantastic is that you shine on stage no matter what. It’s also fun that you sing that everything goes wrong in the song, because it was not beautiful, I can not say that, says Mona B. Riise.

4. Marius Roth Christensen «Annie’s Song»

Marius Roth Christensen offers a ballroom dance on the reopening day in Norway, when he interprets “Annie’s Song” by John Denver.

The judging panel did not get the feeling of country during the performance.

– There’s nothing wrong with your voice. But it was not quite country.

– It’s probably something I feel too, says Nilsen

5. Heidi Ruud Ellingsen «Crazy»

The judges were not overjoyed by Heidi’s interpretation of Patsy Cline’s “Crazy”

– There were some sour tones here and there. At some points you hit in the middle of a blink, other times not at all. But it was country, says Nilsen

– You have a beautiful voice! But this I think was the wrong song choice, it did not suit your voice. I do not feel this was the right song.

6. Anna-Lisa Kumoji «9 to 5»

Next to last was Anna-Lisa Kumoji, she made the judges laugh.

– This was fun, and I had a lot of fun when I watched

Sørvaag, who is a self-proclaimed Dolly Parton expert

– Either you will meet me in the heart, or make me want to dance line dance. I want to dance line dance!

7. Alexandra Rotan «When I Get Where I’m Going»

Alexandra Rotan touched the judging panel with her performance in honor of her grandfather. Sørvaag was left with shining eyes.

– It’s so easy to fall for the temptation to show everything your voice can do. You did not do that here, you showed emotion and it hit me right in the heart.

– It’s a shame for humanity that you have not sung country before. It was so nice, B. Riise adds.

– You are completely unique, Nilsen concludes.

Next week is Hip-hop and a group assignment the six remaining artists will have to work on.

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