Outrage among the military over a dance at the Army Awards: "Shame, ridicule, dishonor…"

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The prizes of Army They are given out every year, but they usually go unnoticed by everyone outside of the military world. But this year, a choreography performed by a ballet during the gala has outraged many military and ex-military who have not hesitated to express their “shame” on social networks.

It all happened on June 29 at the Madrid Army War College, where the 59th edition of the Army Awards was held, chaired by the Minister Daisy Robles and the Army Chief of Staff (JEME), General Amador Enseñat and Berea.

During the delivery, a ballet dressed in military uniforms came on stage and performed a choreography to the rhythm of a song with anti-militarist overtones by Michael Jackson, They Don’t Care About Us.

Nothing is missing in the dance, imaginary weapons, martial steps, pirouettes and modern dance steps. But for many, all this does not fit with the traditional strict and serious style of the Armed Forces and they have expressed their opinion calling the staging “ridiculous” and “dishonorable”.

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