Outspoken! Confession of Illegal Diesel Warehouse Boss Backed by AKBP Achiruddin, Edy: I ​​did not run away

Jakarta, tvOnenews.com – Investigators at the Directorate of Special Criminal Investigation of the North Sumatra Regional Police have questioned the Main Director (Director) of PT Almira Nusa Raya (ANR), Edy regarding the case of investigating an allegedly illegal fuel warehouse, which is not far from AKBP Achiruddin Hasibuan on Jalan Guru Sinumba, Medan Helvetia District, Medan City .

PT ANR was called by the police, as the owner of the suspected illegal diesel fuel warehouse and involved AKBP Achiruddin as the warehouse supervisor.

PT ANR’s attorney, Fendi revealed two things, the first is that PT ANR is a legitimate company with a permit and registered as Pertamina’s official partner. PT ANR, as the official agent for industrial diesel fuel.

“The second point is that our client, as a good citizen, fulfills summons by the police, never runs away, is cooperative. When summoned, he is always present,” Fendi told reporters at the North Sumatra Police Headquarters, Thursday (4/5/2023).

(Illegal Solar Fuel Warehouse related to AKBP Achiruddin who was raided by North Sumatra Police)

Fendi appealed to the media, who reported that the CEO of PT ANR had fled, to immediately delete the news. If not, he will take legal action.

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